« Special » day in Devonport

Ok. So this is my first article in English and I am pretty sure it is not going to be a « chef d’oeuvre », therefore I am asking for leniency (and corrections if necessary). Indeed, in order to please Spanish relatives I decided to switch to English, occasionally. Understanding that the exercise is also in my interest but, at the same time, letting them know that it did take me a while to write these insignificant lines. hehe ! Oh yeah, I know, I have an Aussie boyfriend and I lived there a fair bit. But unfortunately, love doesn’t do all the work for me, and the lack of recent dissertations in english doesn’t help !  :)

So here we go.

It really seems Auckland is a very photogenic city ! Wherever I look I see new angles, new colors, new boats (new zealanders love sailing!) which seem to be waiting for a picture. Today I decided to go to Devonport, the northern part of the bay. I went there by ferry although you can also get there by the motorway. It was a quick but pleasant ride of about 10 minutes.  I spent a few hours exploring the zone and all I can say is that I took so many pictures of the different volcanic cones and views of the bay, that I could not properly sort of all the photos (which also explains the very long slideshow below/sorry). It was breathless. It was inspiring. It was massive. I don’t know… But all these pretty sububrs, beaches, islands, seen from the top of an old volcano, have certainly done something to me.

This city seem to be paradise for nature lovers and boat sailors, although not for pedestrians !  Iam almost running a marathon each time Iam crossing a street ! And the bus service is not the best I have seen, that is for sure. Moreover, I noticed that there aren’t many cyclists on the roads. Kiwis seem to be more of the 4wD and supercars kind, unfortunately for their beautiful nature.

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